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How do I get a link (URL) to a photo or video on Instagram? 

To get a link to a post:

  • Tap  (iPhone) or(Android) above the post.
  • Tap Link Link.

To get a link to a post from the web:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Go to For example, if the username is "johnsmith," type in as the URL.
  • Click the post you want to save and copy the link at the top of your browser.

Instant Delivery

When you need a service, like Buying Instagram Views, you want the job completed right away. At, we understand the urgency in these types of posts. You want to get your message out there as quickly as possible. That is something that we specialize in. Instant delivery is something that is as important to us it is to their customers. We guarantee that no one will get you Instagram views faster or with a higher level of quality. is a name that you can trust with all of your social media needs, so let us help get your message out there.

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Ultimate Privacy Policy

The team understands that just how important your privacy is especially with your Instagram video views. For this reason, we take a great deal of care when it comes to your privacy. There are a lot of concerns about your privacy, especially these days when it comes to concerns like identity theft or your personal information getting out. We value your privacy and we will not sell your information out to the highest bidder. When you work with us, you can guarantee that your privacy will be as protected as it possibly can. is constantly improving to ensure that privacy is part of our company. Many of our customers are asking that “Do you have Instagram story views?”, to let you know we do not have Ig story views packages yet, but we are working on it!.

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24/7 Support

People love the peace of mind that 24/7 support offers. Here at, we want to be sure that you get help as soon as you need it. Thanks to our 24/7 support, we will get back to our customers about any issues that they have with buying Instagram views or help with any other service you get from us. We will do whatever we can to make sure that your issues are resolved quickly so that you can get back to managing your videos on Instagram. If you have any problems or questions at any time, contact us and we will respond back. If you’re thinking about “How to buy Instagram views?”, you do not need to think more.

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The more experience that a company has, the better Instagram video views that they can offer you. has a great deal of experience in handling social media accounts for our customers. This experience has taught us a lot of valuable information about how to maximize social media accounts for your business. This is an experience that you can count on to ensure that all of your high-quality Instagram views needs are met. We will work closely with you, giving you the advice and the services that are going to best meet the needs of your business, so you can achieve your goals.

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Why should I Buy IG Views?
For a business or social media influencer just starting in the industry, you will need something to boost your account to get the attention you need to be successful. You may find that getting these without the assistance of an Instagram video views service can be very difficult. You can get your friends and family to view and like your posts, but you will need an additional boost to your videos to get the necessary attention to go viral. Make your Profile Popular now! That being said, you should absolutely consider buying Instagram views. When you go with a reputable company, you can get natural and organic-looking views. This is important because otherwise, your account can be banned. You can pick the views you want when you invest in this service, and you can gradually increase this as you see fit. Just remember to stay under the recommended views, as this will help you avoid getting the attention of the Instagram algorithms. You can also often adjust the speed at which you get these views to replicate a more natural pace. You always have to remember that it is about what is organic and natural.
Instagram Views would be a Problem for my account?
Your safety and privacy are important to you when it comes to your online presence. Your social media account is the backbone of your business, especially if you are trying to break through as a social media influencer. Anytime you put your truth in services to buy real Instagram views, you run the risk of having the security and privacy of your Instagram account compromised. Many problems can occur when this happens, and it could be difficult for you to get your account back. Safety is our First Priority! This can be avoidable through the use of a reputable company for your Instagram video views. Reputable companies like are concerned with the security and privacy of their customers. They make it their priority to protect the privacy of their customers, ensuring this every step of the view buying process. Check the reviews of the company that you are choosing to ensure that they are a reputable company. People will freely share if they had any issues with their privacy when working with a company, and you should specifically look for this while doing your research. Your Instagram account is important to your business, meaning that you need to do everything that you can to protect it.
Is it Safe to Buy Instagram Video Views?
When you decide whether or not you should invest in Instagram views, one of the most important questions you often ask will often be, “Is it safe?” The answer can really depend on where you get your Instagram views. You will be better off trusting a company with a solid reputation because they have proven that they are concerned about the security of your account. There can be a lot of Instagram views services that use your information for more nefarious reasons.
Buying Instagram Views 100% Safe at
Your account security is not the only concern you should have when buying Instagram video views. There is also the concern of getting your account banned. You need a company that will make these views look natural and organic. If you go to a company that sends mass views your way, Instagram will notice this suspicious activity. This could lead the social media company to closely monitor your account for further suspicious activity or ban your account. Having your account banned can be detrimental for you, so the company must send views your way at the same pace as you would naturally.
Instagram Video Views Are Real?
All Instagram Views you buy through are authentic. As a company, we never use bot / unreal views. Make sure that view count will not be artificial, real people will watch your videos, and you’ll see that from impressions presented by Instagram.
Who needs this service of buying video views on Instagram?
Anyone who needs a more visible structure on Instagram needs this service. Don’t forget that, as the team, we never choose artificial video views. IG Views from real people will allow more visits & impressions to your profile.
Anyone had any success with buying Insta views?
Thousands of Instagram Users a day order views via In addition to the success rate, we must mention that 92% of our customers are fully returning customers. This means that once people order from, they find it useful and use it again and again. This indicates that their profiles have been successful.