How to Get YouTube to Recommend Your Videos?

How to Get YouTube to Recommend Your Videos?

The “Suggested Videos” section of YouTube

If you are an ardent YouTube creator, then you might covet a spot in YouTube’s “Recommendations for you” section. It’s interesting to note that the column of “Suggested Videos” on YouTube features three cliques of videos:

a) Four algorithmically selected videos of the creator.
b) Related videos, which are videos similar to that of the creator.
c) Recommended videos that are videos based on the YouTube user.

The algorithm behind YouTube recommendations is driven by a range of metrics. These include watch time, viewership history, relevancy, video engagement, and many more. As a creator, you will have to influence these metrics and win a spot in the “Suggested Videos” column. Here are a few ways to do so:

1. Engage your viewers

The general thumb rule here is that the more interaction your videos garner, the more they are likely to be suggested by YouTube for potential viewers. To be listed among YouTube recommendations, you will have to create videos that engage your videos, meaning they should be inclined to like and comment on your videos. They may already be doing so, but you need to make sure they are engaged on an even deeper level. Set a goal and start your videos with a clear call to action. Get your viewers to answer questions and give them an opportunity to request content.

2. Be careful of the watch time of your videos

Some YouTube creators tend to have abrupt endings, without leaving much impact. But the algorithm behind YouTube recommendations follows a different set of instructions. Videos that keep YouTube users on the platform for longer periods of time reach the suggested videos list faster than those that disengage them quickly. So, you need to pay attention to your video optimization process. Your content has to be spot-on, and it should engage users in such a way that they spend time not only on your videos but also on the social network. To better understand how your content is performing, make use of YouTube Analytics, where you will find ample resources and tools to inform you about your view retention and session duration.

3. Check your video titles

Your videos are likely to land on the YouTube recommendations list if their titles are optimized well. Your video title should be a click-bait style to attract clicks, comply with YouTube’s algorithm to ensure relevance, and should rank high on YouTube’s search results. Your video titles and video thumbnails should be attention-grabbing to get more clicks. The best way to catch the eye of algorithms is to be as specific as possible in your video title. Include the name of your program, video number, and channel name in your video title to stand a chance at grabbing a spot on the suggested videos column.


The above are some ways in which you can appear on the YouTube recommendations list. The process of gaining popularity on YouTube is a continuous process, and you have to be consistent with your efforts. Your chances of getting a spot on YouTube’s recommendations are higher when your content is engaging. Make sure your videos speak of your brand in a positive light and create value for your audience. When you do so, you certainly attract YouTube’s attention.

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